Breed Stand Application

Thank you for your interest in Agrifest South West 2018.

Breed societies can book a maximum of three pens/ breed promotion areas. Please be clear when booking what penning you require so the correct space can be allocated.

The whole of the cattle area will be carpeted, so the cost of carpet is included in the penning fee, Straw will also be provided.

We are also able to supply  Shell scheme units for Breed promotion, these  consist of 2.44m high x 1m wide pale grey Velcro compatible flush fitting panel and includes facia panel with Breed Society  name board.

Admission tickets will be allocated as follows:

1 pen with no cattle = 2 tickets, 2 pens with Cattle= 4 tickets, 3 Pens with cattle = 6 tickets.

If societies require additional tickets these can be booked below, all tickets will be sent to the address given on the booking form.

Here are a few important things to remember:

  • Applications will not be accepted without the appropriate fee or without a completed Risk Assessment form
  • Please check that you have completed the Electricity Supply Requirements section
  • Invoices will be issued upon successful submission
  • Applications must be received by 30th September 2018
  • Only tea, coffee or cold drinks and biscuits can be given by exhibitors to their visitors

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Breed Stand Application

Please indicate if you are a member of the NBA ( An additional 50% will be charged to non-members).

(Pens measure 2.4m x 4m, maximum of four pens per Society)

Number of Pens Cost (plus VAT at 20%) Number Required
Beef Breed Society: 3m x 3m open space area for Breed Promotion £
3.1m(10ft) x 3.1m(10ft) IAE pen for cattle £
Sheep Breed Society: 1.55m (5ft) x 1.55m (5ft) pen (please state how many pens will be for sheep) £
3m x 3m Breed promotion area including Shell Scheme & carpet £
Sub-total £  

Furniture Hire, Advertising and Admission Tickets

  Cost (plus VAT at 20%) Number Required
6' x 2'6 Trestle table £9.00
White patio table 18''diameter £9.00
White patio chair £3.50
Full Page Advert (A5) in Catalogue * £200.00
Additional Admission tickets £8.34
Sub-total £  

*Please Email all adverts for the catalogue to Vicky at in PDF format By 30th September 2017 at the latest

Electrical Order Form

  Unit Cost (plus VAT at 20%) Number Required
Twin 13 Amp Socket £75.50
Please give a brief description of what is to be plugged into the sockets:
Sub-total £  

Please note that all electrical equipment used on site must be maintained in good condition and have been subject to Portable Appliance Testing (PAT) within the last 12 months.

Any exhibitors requiring larger supplies please contact Havills Exhibition Services direct:

Tel: 01803 314000 Fax: 01803 327412 Email: